Saturday, February 7, 2015

Welcome to BallisticsGL

 BallisticsGL by Slinkworks LLC

BallisticsGL is an external ballistics calculator. Using the G1 ballistic coefficient of the bullet along with the sight height above the the bore axis (center of the barrel), the zero distance, and the muzzle velocity BallisticsGL will calculate the flight path of the bullet.

BallisticsGL results have been compared to many online calculators as well as other apps and gives consistent results.

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Gun Log and Gun Log SPC have the same ballistics calculator as this app with the additional functionality to store a complete inventory of your firearms, ammunition, accessories, log all of your range data, generate reports for group sizes, log all failures, log maintenance, and much more.

BallisticsGL results are comparable to many online calculators. BallisticsGL is not just some close approximation or best guess. This is a serious ballistics calculator.

There is no set limit to how many entries you can save, only the available memory for an iOS app set by your device will limit the entries.

BallisticsGL calculates the following at each indicated distance:
  • Vertical position of the projectile. 
  • Time of flight.
  • Current velocity.
  • Wind drift.

Just tap the "+" button at the top right to create a new entry.

You must enter in the following:

You can manually enter in the current atmospheric conditions. And yes, BallisticsGL will calculate wind drift.

To "run the calculation" just scroll the view down until you see the control bar and tap the button on the left (the circle with the arrow).

The middle set of buttons controls how large each step is between calculations, or in other words how much detail. The least detail is "." and the most detail is "....". The right set of buttons sets the outer limit of the calculation.

Calculate                                  Detail / Steps / Granularity                                                           Maximum Range In Yards

If you rotate the device the display of the data shows more detail.

At the top right there is a report button. Tap it to generate a text report that you can print, copy, or email.

Remember, no set limit to how many entries can be saved, it calculates wind drift, and this same ballistics calculator is embedded in Gun Log and Gun Log SPC.

Here is a comparison to other external ballistics calculators.